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Stacy Brittain, Founder and Director

LMFT #53328; Supervisor, Founder and Director of The Wisdom Training Center

Stacy tailors her work as a Marriage and Family Therapist to the client, recognizing the uniqueness within each person: the therapeutic tool box contains a variety of interventions, not a “one-size-fits-all” tool. She uses the four spheres of biological/psychological/social/spiritual in her assessment strategies, believing that good mental health is found when these areas are well-balanced. Her exploration starts with where a person is today--this is where Stacy finds fertile ground for growth.

Stacy has years of training and experience in dream interpretation, incorporating dream work into the counseling room, and teaching regular classes on how to understand ones own dreams. Stacy has a certification from the Allender School for PTSD and the healing of Trauma, and is a Certified Brain Coach from the Amen Clinics. As a degree-holding Master Herbalist, Stacy specializes in supporting the nutritional aspects of healing and growth. 

Stacy was a collegiate and pro-volleyball player earlier in life. After her pro volleyball career ended, not ready to earn money sitting in a chair, Stacy set out on a 15 year carpentry career. A passion for healing through nutrition propelled her to earn a Masters in Herbology from The School of Natural Healing in 2000. In 2001 she got tired of digging ditches and crawling under houses and through attics, and began to ask God, “What next?” In 2005, He spoke to her in a dream, and she began the journey to MFT licensure.

Building on 25 years of leadership in healing, recovery, and prayer groups, Craig’s aim as a Christian life coach is training wise, loving, faithful believers. His approach includes healing prayer, confession, conflict resolution, and inspiring clients to grasp and pursue the destiny Father has for each of us--all while listening to each person's story with a deep respect for their unique place in God's love.. Craig holds a counseling certificate from the Allender Center in trauma and abuse recovery. He led Menlo Church's program in addiction recovery for 12 years, serving men in the Bay Area. He now teaches faith building classes in the Wisdom Training School, leading the study of such seminal books as Healing Presence, by Leanne Payne, and Bold Love, by Dan Allender.

With 18 patents, a career as a product designer and innovation guru, Craig is well-suited to design and build our unique therapy tools used in our Friendship Power Programs. He also leads the company, directs the Board, writes strategic plans, creates marketing materials, negotiates contracts, and keeps Stacy sane.

Craig loves creative wood working, event planning, art projects, beach volleyball, and backpacking when his body is functional. Elliptical machines are not his favorite. Craig doesn’t just like Tigger, rather he is Tigger. Bouncy, bouncy fun he can be.

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