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Partnering to Empower a Thriving Community

Here's a taste of what people are saying about our school programs (letters of recommendation available on request).

A local school serving grades 6-12 with a 25-year history chose The Wisdom Training Center for their first-ever offering of professional counseling on campus,

"Stacy and her staff have behaved with the highest levels of service and professionalism. ... Their culture and philosophy of wholistic care for the student fit perfectly with our ethic ... In my personal evaluations of students who have taken advantage of their services, 100% of those students report gratitude and positive results."

This K-6 school hired The Wisdom Training Center for our Friendship Program to support their student growth in relationships, as well as in all the challenges the world will throw at them ...

"Ms. Brittain and her team support the children as they grapple with not only friendship problems, but with all relationships. Our third grade children ... loved the process. Our entire staff would highly recommend this program to your school or to your organization. The Wisdom Training Center staff is professional and accommodating to the individual needs of the school and to the children."

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Counseling, coaching, support groups, and faith-based classes
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