The Wisdom Training Center

Partnering to Empower a Thriving Community

At The Wisdom Training Center, future therapists find common (training) ground to deepen their understanding of how to integrate spiritual and professional disciplines. We work with graduate trainees (who will find paid practicum here) and registered interns (who also receive pay and office use for building their private practice).

In our Life Classes we train therapists and motivated people to find new perspectives on their lives, take initiative in personal and relational growth, and integrate the four spheres of life -- biological, psychological, social and spiritual -- when facing obstacles to growth.

Our Christian classes provide opportunities for all to grow in wisdom and an understanding of how to live in light of the teachings of Jesus.

Counseling, coaching, support groups, and faith-based classes
in the Silicon Valley
Phone: (650) 793-4966

The Wisdom Training Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public benefit corporation, C3821846